Oooops…. I’ve dropped pearler!!!

knitting.jpgI’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to start knitting! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, since my writer friend Erica blogged about how she knits.

In the past I’ve always done jigsaws to relax me, and I still will. After I’ve done some knitting. I’m not a total novice. Hundreds of years ago (before children) I knitted my partner TWO sweaters…. yes, it must have been love… I used to try and cook different things from cook books then too (try being the operative word). I vaguely knew how to knit but that was my first foray into something wearable!! And he wore them…… actually they weren’t that bad. At least, he wore them until in my own inimitable fashion I shrunk them both in the washing machine…… well it gave him an insight into my skills on the domestic front… After that I didn’t pick up a knitting needle again. Until now.

So, the other day I went into this huge craft store and found an introductory knitting book with some easy patterns, and with the help of my daughter picked out some wool. I have now started to knit a cardigan. So far…. so good. As long as you don’t count the fact that I accidentally picked up the wrong needle size for the ribbing…. should have been 3.25 and I got 3.75 and because I was so anxious to start I didn’t bother to take them back and change them. And the other problem is I keep losing track of where I am so the ribbing isn’t quite as it should be. But, what the heck… I’m starting with the back and I won’t be able to see it when I look in the mirror!!

How about you…… what do you do when you’re not writing, working or whatever?

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13 thoughts on “Oooops…. I’ve dropped pearler!!!

  1. Good luck on the knitting front! I’ve never quite got the hang of it although my mum and auntie were fantastic knitters.

    I tend to eat chocolate and veg in front of the telly to relax, which shows what a very energetic sort of person I am!!

  2. I’m hugely impressed by your knitting prowess! I can only do scarves–and I manage to stuff those up too.

    I’m a TV addict at home. I watch it all day in my regular job. It’s part of the job description, I swear.

  3. LOL! Welcome to the world of Stitching and Bitching! 🙂

    My mom is here. I’ve already spent $150 on yarn. We are each doing an afghan, and I am doing a sweater and a hat, and a scarf. In my typical fashion, I have multiple projects going on at once. In fact, that is what my next blog entry is on.

    I absolutely love relaxing with knitting . . . I would never have guessed I had it in me since I am NOT crafty and not good at housekeeping or cooking or anything else remotely domestic. But I think my brain likes the rest.

  4. Wow, Erica…. an Afghan…. I’m seriously impressed!! I’m not crafty either…. when the children were younger I’d help them with their colouring for homework because mine was worse than yours for staying in the lines!!

    Housework Teri….. could you explain what that is please.

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