In memory of……… Diet Coke!!!


Can you believe it, I gave up diet coke almost a year ago. And apart from the occasional sip from one of the children’s drinks I haven’t touched it.

And have I missed it? I’m not sure. I drink gallons of light ginger beer instead. And when I have had the odd sip of diet coke, I didn’t love the taste so much I had to drink more.

And do I feel better for it? I’m not sure about that either. I used to feel ok before.

To be honest, I think the only reason I haven’t started drinking it again is because when I gave it up I had the most awful headache for two weeks. And the thought of putting myself through that again is deterrent enough.

Though, if I couldn’t drink ginger beer I’d be seriously tempted. I’m not one of those people who can drink water and herbal teas all the time (not that I don’t mind the occasional peppermint tea and glass of water, as long as it is only occasional!).

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve had to give up?

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12 thoughts on “In memory of……… Diet Coke!!!

  1. I remember you giving up Diet Coke! And I tried giving up Coke at around the same time. I’m on and off. I can go for days without, but then something triggers a need for it, and I willingly oblige. Maybe one day. I can’t just drink water either.

  2. Hooray for staying strong, Sara!

    I almost gave up chocolate on advice from my dentist and my gym trainer. Of course, I never followed their ludicrous directions. Also, I almost gave up on ever finding an agent, and days later I nabbed one. ‘Almost’ seems to be the story of my life.

  3. How funny, I was thinking just the other day it had been a year since you’d given up diet coke!! And I haven’t drunk it since conference for some weird reason *cough cough* and we now have ordinary coke (because of course that’s soo much better for you!!)

    Sometimes I try to give up my Dome takeaway lattes. So far I’ve failed quite spectacularly to stick to this, since I’m hopelessly addicted and the taste is well worth any icky side effects!!

  4. I gave up chocolate for a couple months when I was in ninth grade. I think it was an anti-zit experiment.

    When I was 19, I have up all caffeine for a while to deal with my overuse problem. The first three days, I couldn’t feel my head. It was freaky but it didn’t hurt.

    A few years ago, maybe four, I was struggling to give up soda. I’d do good for a week or move, them we’d get pizza or some other made for soda food. I’d say “just one” and I’d blow it. My solution as a switch to diet soda. I’ve heard “peanut gallery” comments even since, but since I couldn’t give it up it’s the best choice. My problem was the empty calories and the family full of diabetics, so the whole “full of chemicals” thing I can live with. I’ve also cut back to as little as I can manage.

  5. I gave up coffee about the time you gave up Diet Coke. It was truly hard for me . . . now I have maybe half a cup in the morning, but I don’t miss it if I don’t have it . . . I HAD been drinking at least a pot myself every morning, and sometimes brewed a second pot. Giving it up, even my EYELASHES hurt. LOL! It was awful.

    Because I have Crohn’s disease, there are tons of foods I can’t eat . . . and when I was pregnant with my older son, I was fed TPN for 9 months (fed through a feeding-type tube/port, versus “food”). I literally never ate a morsel for nine months. So I guess a long time ago, I gave up any “relationship” emotionally to food . . . at first, it was hard, but now I find it oddly freeing that I don’t have any food cravings . . . that it just isn’t on my radar map, as odd as that sounds.

  6. What is ginger beer? Is it like ginger ale?

    I gave up cooked carrots. I’ve never liked them. I like raw carrots just fine. So, one day, I thought, hey, I’m an adult, and I can eat all my carrots raw if I want to. Looking at the last sentence, I think I should give up commas! 🙂

  7. I’ve given up smoking and drinking coffee but to be honest I didn’t find either of them that hard to say goodbye to. As for giving up Diet Coke, I try every few months but always end up coming back to it. I think we were meant to be together!!!!

  8. I honestly don’t remember anything I gave up LOL.

    Sara, just wondering, how much do you have to pay for this layout on your site? I’m interested in buying. Hehe.

  9. Alas, I’m on and off again with Diet Coke as well as some of you. Congrat’s on staying off, Sara dear.

    Something I’ve cut way down on is sugar cereal. Sure, I still have a bowl of Apple Jacks or Frosted Flakes or Cookie Crisp every now and then, but I tell myself it’s a treat or a snack, not breakfast.

  10. Wow, you’ve all been really good about giving things up. Barrie, I laughed about your carrots. I mean, who wouldn’t give up cooked carrots given the choice. Actually, I could happily give up all vegetables, apart from potatoes, and substitute for sweets or meringues!

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