LELT’S PARTY DAY 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Today’s final guest is the wicked Kelly Parra. Check out her website and blog YA Fresh to see what I mean.


“Fresh Starts: It’s all about the attitude”

You got to love fresh starts.

I just wish I’d had a grasp on this concept while growing up. As a kid, I moved around a lot and each new school could have been a fresh beginning. A time to be someone with a whole different outlook, a time to face an interesting


Unfortunately, it didn’t feel that way!

To me it was another struggle to make friends, learn about another school, decide if I liked a teacher, and be the new kid all over again. You know where “the” click of girls either hated you or liked you, depending if “the” boy

noticed you or not.

So not my cup of soda pop.

But now as an adult, I’m grasping onto the Fresh Start

Attitude and holding on tight.

With every change in my life—no matter what size–I do my best to turn it around and find the good. Maybe it was all that anxiousness as a kid and feeling out of place that

makes me want to see the better side of things today.

Even when the going gets tough, I might dwell on it for a bit, but then brush myself off and look for a new beginning.

You see, it’s all about keeping your chin up and looking for the positive side of things.

Yeah, with fresh starts, it’s all about the attitude. 🙂

Thanks to Sara for having me on her blog, and I wish her the best with her fresh debut! Leave a comment and enter to win a copy of my young adult novel, Graffiti Girl. 🙂


s in a diverse agricultural farm town in Central Coast California with her loving husband and two beautiful children. When not at work on her current novel, she spends her

free time roaming book stores, surfing the blogosphere, and watching reality TV. GRAFFITI GIRL published with MTV/Pocket Books is her debut novel. Check out her website, www.KellyParra.com



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33 thoughts on “LELT’S PARTY DAY 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I love that header too, Kelly!!

    Looking back, I think I should have had a lot more attitude when I was at school – but I tended to live in a dream world most of the time and the dramas went over my head!

  2. Hey, Kelly! My family only made one major move when I was a kid, and I did not endure it well. But in hindsight, I think I learned a lot from it, and that shake-up helped me later not only to cope with change, but to bring it on in big doses!

    Fun seeing you here, critique partner-of-mine! 🙂

  3. Hi Pat, thanks!! Don’t worry, typos are a part of life on the net!

    Hey Sara, thanks again for having me on your blog!!

    If anyone wants to check out Sara chatting about her start in writing and Suzy Green come by YA Fresh today and leave a comment!! (yafresh.blogspot.com)

  4. Hi Christina, thanks!! My dream world were movies. haha! Lots and lots of movies!

    Hey Tina, fun seeing you too!! Yeah, moves definitely help you with changes, especially as a kid!

  5. Kelly~

    You are so right about the attitude! Without seeing the cup half full, instead of half empty, people can’t do the things they want to. It’s true life often deals out crappy moments, but a person has to pluck up and say “hit me again,” or “reshuffle the deck”. Though it can be a hard thing to implement and learn.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Kelly, fresh starts on hard on kids! My daughter’s high school has been consolidated with another, and she too is making a “fresh start!!!

  7. Great post. Really like your attitude. Looking forward to reading Graffiti Girl and sharing it with my 13 year old daughter.

  8. Fresh starts are definitely events to look forward too. Today I started my very first day of high school, met new teachers, and even new people. It’s going to be a great first year.

    I love this blog party going on now! It’s a great way to showcase a variety of offers and their novels, I’m always looking for a good read!
    Thanks for the posts!

  9. Hi Gabby, now that’s a fresh start! And I like your attitude! I bet you’re going to have an awesome first year of HS. I’m glad you’re enjoying Sara’s blog party–I know I’m having a blast! 🙂 🙂

  10. I love the quote. All this talk of fresh starts is a good way to start thinking positively. Something I know I need to do more often.

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