Becoming Jane

becoming-jane.jpgYesterday I went to see a wonderful move. Becoming Jane is about the early life of Jane Austen, aged 20, and how her experiences shaped her as a writer.

Anne Hathaway played Jane (English accent not bad), and it also starred Julie Walters (one of my favourite actors) , th-jamesmcavo_grani_12902068_400.jpgJames McAvoy (cute), and Maggie Smith (love her too) .

I totally recommend it.

Have you seen any great movies recently?

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11 thoughts on “Becoming Jane

  1. I want to see that one too. The last movie I watched (on DVD – I’m very behind!) was The Prestige with Hugh Adorable. I mean Jackson (!) It did have a couple of plot holes that bugged me but i still enjoyed it.

  2. Love MacAvoy and will see it just for him! Sounds good . . .

    Recently, I have been trying to catch up on movies . . . The Prestige (not bad), Casino Royale (loved it). It’s hard for me to get to the theater with four kids, so I have to wait for DVD.

  3. So glad to hear a good review on Becoming Jane, Sara! I heard a so-so review a little while ago and was really hoping that it was just a fluke. I now very much want to see this movie.

    As for The Prestige, I liked it, but it was a little odd. And Casino Royale, I really enjoyed.

  4. OMG unbelievable. Last night I had this terrible vision that I’d misspelt Hugh’s name and I had HAD. I’m mortified. But at least I didn’t completely embarrass myself and call him Grant. Now that I would never live down!

  5. That’s ok Christina, I didn’t even notice…. sometimes skimming everything can work!!

    Erica, he’s cute isn’t he. And I noticed when looking through the movies for Singapore Airlines that they’re showing another one of his when I’m flying to the UK. I can’t think what it’s called but it’s about a guy trying to win this girl by impressing her with his knowledge – it’s got a back drop of University Challenge, a quiz show which I’m not sure if you have (it’s been going for hundreds of years in the UK)

  6. Can I mention rented movies? The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. You Can Count on Me with Laura Linney (one of my fave actresses), Matthew Broderick, Mark Rufalo. Both movies are off-beat and both have a main female character who just isn’t fitting into her small town setting. Actually, they’re about loads more than that, but hopefully I’ve said enough that someone will be interested enough to rent one or both. 🙂

  7. I love Laura Linney, too. She was great in Love Actually (my all time favourite). And I love Mark Rufalo – especially in Heaven Can Wait. I’ll look out for The Good Girl.

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