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This is a bit of everything blog:

I heard from my web designer today and we’re aiming to go live with my new site at the end of the week. WOO HOOOOOO I’m so excited. Because in my mind it means my book is nearer to being pubbed. And I’ll have a new blog (one that behaves, I hope).

What else…. oh yes we’ve just booked a weeks holiday in Fiji. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about that too. Running a motel takes up your time 24/7 and by the time we go we won’t have had a single day off in 7 months. I hope we miss the rains, but even if we do get some rain it will be hot and sunny… picture me on the golden sands, reading, not having to answer the phone, being able to go to the bathroom without having to stop mid-flow because the phone or door bell rings (tma? Sorry).

Fellow witch Amanda will be arriving in NZ from UK in about a month. Check out her blog for pics of her leaving party.

At the weekend I’m going to Palmerston North (about 2 hours drive away) to have a farewell lunch with writing friend Abby Gaines (she’s moving back to Auckland) and my bf Kate (fab writer who hopefully will sell very soon).

Check out the new blog Teen Fiction Cafe. Twelve Young Adult authors (including me) have got together to blog about all things teen related. It’s so cool to be with these authors.

Ummmm…. anything else…. I’m writing up a storm on my latest book Dating The Megan Russell Way…. ok, ok before any of my CPs chip in…. I’m writing up a drizzle…

Oh yes, American Idol… omg… we’re a couple of weeks behind USA. I just hope the public vote off the right people, because if they do are we in for one helluva contest….

That’s it for now. Anyone got any news to share…..

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4 thoughts on “Pick ‘n Mix

  1. Fiji is the most amazing place in the world and you will have a fabulous time. And, er, about those photos…I’m sure I’ll get them posted soon!!

  2. Let us know when the website goes live! I love looking at new designs! I troll around designers’ sites just looking at the portfolios, I enjoy it so much.


  3. OMG too funny about the bathroom thing! (you knew that would resonate with me didn’t you??)

    Fingers crossed the weather is beautiful for you in Fiji!

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