What’s the plan, Stan????

Recently, fab bestselling NZ author Nalini Singh posted about planning blogs, after reading about it on Alison Kent’s blog. And it got me thinking that maybe I ought to try it.

Planning certainly suits my anal nature…. as I’ve mentioned in the past I’m list obsessed. And if I knew, say, that Monday would be about writing, Wednesday about more personal stuff and Friday would be interviewing other authors then not only would I regularly have items to cross off my list, but also I wouldn’t have to worry about what to write….. it’s not that I don’t do spontaneous, I just prefer my spontaneity planned, lol!

So, what do you reckon? Planning blogs…. good or bad thing…..

Btw, Nalini is having a blog party this week and I’m one the participants…. so head on over there. Lots of prizes up for grabs.

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2 thoughts on “What’s the plan, Stan????

  1. I try to think of something a few days in advance. If I just sit down to blog, I’m generally stumped, thinking, what’s happened to me recently that’s interesting enough to write about.

    I totally like my spontaneity planned!

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