To diet coke… or not to diet coke???????

Recently, I’ve been suffering from an ongoing tummy upset (sorry, TMI, but needs must) and I wondered if it was because of all the diet coke I drink. Not that I did anything about it, initially, other than wonder.

Anyway, yesterday I thought okay this has gone on too long I’ll see what happens if I don’t drink any. Well, by the time I went to bed I had a splitting headache, which sleep did nothing to relieve.

Ah ah…. withdrawal symptoms… I don’t drink coffee, but dc I sometimes drink 3 or 4 600ml bottles of a day (for those of you not on metric, that’s the next size up from the small bottle but not the large or the very large).

I’ve now decided that maybe dh was right and it’s a virus – it does seem to be getting better, I’m just getting cramps now (oops… there I go again…. trouble is I do enjoy discussing this sort of thing, as my friends will attest).

So, it’s now 10.30am and I’ve just started my second bottle and the headache has almost gone….

It looks like I’ve answered my question…. the DC stays!!!!

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8 thoughts on “To diet coke… or not to diet coke???????

  1. I mostly kicked my Coke habit a few months ago…I’m only drinking one occasionally. But I’ve had headaches now for the past four days and have been drinking Cokes in the hopes of squelching them…no luck so far. Now I’m hoping I don’t have withdrawal headaches…

  2. Yikes… headaches on top of headaches! Hope you manage to get rid of them.

    You know I hate that saying ‘we are what we eat’ but it’s so true…. not that I’m planning to stop eating chips (fries) any time soon!!

  3. Well I can’t tell you to give up your coke, when I can’t give up my lattes!! All I know is, if I go more than a few days without one I get the most awful cravings and headaches and began to snarl at everyone! (or is that just me being me…?)

  4. It’s our civic duty to keep drinking DC (through a straw of course to stop our teeth staining), because if we stop then they might think it’s okay to stop making it and try and fob off that other one which doesn’t taste anywhere near as nice as DC.

    ps still can’t sign into blogger properly. Grrrrr

  5. Sara:
    I’m telling you . . . the green tea works wonders. LOL!

    You have my sympathy. Giving up my pot-a-day coffee habit was brutal.


  6. Green tea… hmmmm… doesn’t have have the same attraction…. I’m not sure why though!!!

    I’d give up the diet coke if my health was suffering… but not for any other reason. If we gave up everything the ‘experts’ told us was bad for us eating wouldn’t be much fun.

    Plus, as you said Amanda, we can’t risk being fobbed off with the other stuff.

  7. I reckon you’re right Swishy – about vices, that is.

    As far as Dr Pepper goes….. I’m a one drink gal….

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