Some good news……

I’m sooooooo excited because my editor told me they’re bringing forward the publication date for The Second Virginity of Suzy Green. It’s now going to be September 2007. So, watch this space for announcements about my cover…..

AND, this new publication date means I might even have some copies to take with me to the RWNZ conference next year. AND it means my fellow witch Amanda Ashby and I will be release buddies. Amanda’s book You Had Me At Halo is due out in August. AND she’ll be back in NZ by then…. so watch out world…. there’s going to be one helluva party in the Northern Hemisphere…… and if a butterfly flapping it’s wings can affect what’s going on….. well…… I’ll leave it to your imagination….

AND….. yes, lots of ‘ands’ in this post…. my publisher, Flux, is now RWA recognised which means I’ll be able to enter the RITAs – which is exciting enough, but even more so because I’m planning to go to the RWA conference in San Fransisco in 2008 when they’ll be announcing the winners.

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7 thoughts on “Some good news……

  1. I’ll say it’s exciting – we’re going to have so much fun at RWNZ conference next August. Not to mention the RWA one the year after!!!!

    Amanda – who still can’t log into beta blogger. grrrrr

  2. I realized I could press the ‘other’ button on the sign in thing so I could still log my details in that way. Today I’m signed in, but yesterday it wouldn’t let me. Beta Blogger – a new way to visit hell!!

  3. Well, I tried to join up but it got all too confusing…. and I’m still on ordinary blogger….. looks like my ineptness did me a favour!

  4. Big congrats, Sara!

    And maybe I’ll see you at RWA in 2008–I’d thought to go to Dallas next year because it’s close to Houston (less to spend on travel), but I’ve never been to SF, and it sounds like such a fun city. And there’d be the added plus that I’d know an online friend…someone who doesn’t want to hug hello! 😉

  5. Actually, Alyssa I think we should make it our mission in life (we can practice in front of the mirror) to hug as many people as we can when we get there!!!

    It would great to meet you… hope you decide to go. I’m getting excited already and there’s still nearly 2 years to go…

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