The End of An Era

My son has provided me with some fab ideas for incidents in my books….. Who knew the staple gun incident was true? Or crashing a friends quad-bike and having to find a way to pay for it? Or breaking his leg on a skiing trip? Or keeping up with school tradition and running naked around the perimeter at 2.30 in the morning? Or dressing up in a bikini for the town’s ’round the river’ race. Or dressing up in fishnets and a purple glittery tailcoat when performing from the Rocky Horror Show (looks totally fetching on a strapping boy of over 6 foot) …. Or…. Or….. As you can see the list is endless.

But now, school days are over. I went to my last prize giving at the weekend (no, he didn’t win any – unlike his older sister, who’s his total opposite!). And though in the class the teachers find him extremely difficult (I couldn’t begin to tell you the trouble he’s been in), outside the class they adore him. In the speeches during house dinner, they all mentioned him – usually with a funny story attached (in fact, staff and boys make things up about him just so they can get a laugh). Women teachers were coming up and hugging him, men teachers shaking his hand. And telling me that he’ll have no trouble in the ‘big wide world’ because of his personality…. Hmmmm…. a few qualifications wouldn’t hurt though…. And it got me thinking that if he hadn’t been at boarding school they would have had such a different impression of him. And one that would have stayed with them forever.

So, my point is…… not sure I have one really….. except anyone got any funny stories I can use…..

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3 thoughts on “The End of An Era

  1. I think the story I posted last week about the toilet was pretty hilarious. But probably young adults are not too likely to imagine that they’ll flush away to another world…

    I’ll let you know if I come across any…

    Your son definitely sounds like a charmer! A mischievous one, sort of like a James Bond character…am I close?

  2. lol. Your son’s adventures crack me up (and I have a scary feeling it’s a taste of things to come with my own son…!)

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