Self-deprecation rules ok!

For as long as I remember I’ve always been the one to make the quips and crack the one-liners – as my school reports will attest. And it dawned on me recently that a lot of the time the jokes are made at my own expense.

So why do we poke fun at ourselves? Is it a form of self-preservation? If I say it then others won’t say it, or think it, behind my back. Or is it because I can say these things without fear of upsetting anyone, because I’m the only one who could take offence?

And what I’ve also noticed, is that there’s always at least one character in my ms with the same trait…..

What about you? Do you regularly give your characters a trait of yours?

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9 thoughts on “Self-deprecation rules ok!

  1. Are you asking do I make all my heroines, tall, slim and gorgeous like myself? Hmmm, good question…

    Sorry – couldn’t resist. But actually I don’t think I do make my heroines like myself because they are lot braver, louder, cheekier and more adventurous than I could ever be. Well, saying that, in my mind I’m all of those things (including the tall, slim and gorgeous bit!!!!). So perhaps I just make them into the me I would like to be???!!!

  2. Hi Sara:
    Mine are usually. They come from very complicated, even criminal families. Their lives are filled with alcoholics and tough guys and bookies and leg-breakers–much like my own childhood. And my heroines are tough, passionate, and beyond all else, loyal. They are also usually smart-mouthed . . . and their IQ is usually off the charts. BUT . . . they are usually the “me I used to be.” I.e., since I became a mother, and a Buddhist, my path is now much more peaceful. But being as BOOKS are about CONFLICT, they are usally a reflection, tiny bits, of my former self. Not the me I am now. If that makes sense.


  3. I’ve only had to create two heroines so far (or two and a sketch), but they’ve all had my sarcastic tendencies.

    They do think of the quips faster though, and they have the perfect, timely comebacks…something I always wished I could do better.

  4. I’ve decided it isn’t possible for my heroines to have senses of humour that don’t have an element of me in them… And self-depricating humour is certainly part of it.

    I try to make all my characters unique, but I think certain aspects of me are in all of them…

  5. Sara, I read your post at Erica’s and thought I would drop by. There is a part of me, mostly small, no pun intended, in some of my characters. Usually I get a visual of a charater that I’ve seen in a movie and use that memory as I write the story.

  6. I’m working on a memoir, so I don’t get to tweak my main character too much (darn that James Frey…)

    But my whole family is VERY into self-deprecating humor; we used to have dinnertime contests to see who could tell the best story of something dumb they did that day.

    Unfortunately, not everyone gets this type of humor, which I discovered when my 5th grade teacher suggested I needed therapy to combat my low self-esteem. I had some issues when I was ten, but low self-esteem wasn’t one of them 🙂

  7. So, it looks like the ayes have it!!

    Thanks for all your comments guys, I feel a bit more normal now hahahahaha

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