Stop the world, I want to get off…

Or just slow down a bit. This year is disappearing faster than a speeding train. I was minding my own business earlier, when the guy on the radio starts to tell me how many shopping days til christmas. WTF…. that’s impossible. Christmas was only yesterday. I know because I’ve just put away all the wrapping paper and stuff.

Is it an age thing? Is that why time is totally out of control? I remember when a child it would seem forever between one Christmas and the next, or one birthday and the next. And now…. birthdays creep up what seems like monthly. So much so, I’ve had to instruct the children to start lying about their age, because no way am I old enough to have kids of their age…… that’s what I tell them… they just roll their eyes towards the ceiling and mutter something about mum having lost it…

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6 thoughts on “Stop the world, I want to get off…

  1. This. Drives. Me. Crazy.

    I’m sure when I was a kid they didn’t start talking Christmas until after Halloween.

  2. Sara:
    Time totally flies. Drives me crazy how big my kids are already. And how it seems like each season is just a rush and a blur.

    On the other hand, I sometimes think a life lived passionately is always a blur of energy, so maybe that’s good.


  3. I know – I refuse to acknowlege Christmas until the Turkey has been consumed and I’m lolling on the couch complaining about how full I am, asking if there’s any stuffing left…

  4. LOL on the Christmas wrapping paper, Sara!

    My son was asking me yesterday if we could pull out the Christmas CD’s. I really don’t want to do this… If I do, we’ll be listening all the way till New Years…and beyond!

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