The end is nigh….

I’m torn between excitement and dismay, at being close to the end of my current ms. It’s exciting because it’s the culmination of months of work… on the other hand…… I know my characters, I know the setting and it sort of feels safe.

I still haven’t decided what to do next… and once I start something new, how do I know I’ll fall in love with it… and hate it half way through (which goes without saying)? And what if turns out to be a duff idea, or I can’t make a good idea work?

See, it’s hard…….. and this probably explains why I’m not some intrepid explorer or doing something really adventurous!!!!!

How do you feel when you get to the end of a ms?

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5 thoughts on “The end is nigh….

  1. I usually can’t wait to see the back of it because by the time I’ve finished, I’m fairly certain that I’ve written the biggest lot of drivel ever seen on the planet. Where as the idea of a new book always seems so glittery (and untainted by my clumsy words!). Hahaha, sorry you asked now, aren’t you!

    Anyway, yay if you’ve nearly finished Abi it should mean chapter 20 will be in my inbox soon? No pressure but you sort of left me dangling a bit!!!!

  2. I’m with Amanda, usually. The middle is such hell for me, that I look forward to the downhill skate to the end. That said, every once in a while, I also am sad. When I finished THE ROOFER, for instance, I was certain I’d never write anything as good ever again. Same with INVISIBLE GIRL. I felt a pang leaving the characters–but it’s usually just until I get into “shiny new manuscript syndrome.”

  3. I’m split between relief at having been actually ABLE to reach The End in one piece, and devastation that it’s time to let these characters I love so much go!

  4. I’ve only finished one, but it was like a huge relief. It almost seemed unreal to write those last words and think, is this really it?.

    My current WIP (and the one I put aside to work on this one) felt, as Amanda said, shiny and new at the beginning. I had such high hopes for it, and then I started writing… Rarely is my writing as good as I imagine it will be ;).

  5. I think I’m the opposite. Because I seem to write better than I think I can. At least, that’s what I tell myself… or how come I sold…. oh yes, the entire world was on something that day, hahahahaaha

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