Deja Vu….. To You Too

I’m so excited because on Friday the computer man is coming round with my new computer……. What? Some of you may be saying. You have a new computer. We know that because you told us all about it.

Correct. But my new computer was a duff computer…….. Did I break a mirror recently and someone forgot to tell me….. aside over……. My old new computer kept coming up with some very strange error messages regarding the memory. And in the end, after disabling the motel’ s broadband and taking out the network cards, to make it a standalone computer, they’ve established that I need a new one.

So having just got my old new one right, entering all the passwords for all the different groups I belong to blah, blah…. now I’ve got to do it again…… as if I need another excuse not to get on with my writing.

Hey, ho…… ain’t life grand!!!!

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