You shall go to the ball, Cinders….

School balls… got to love them. DS had his at the weekend. And, oh joy, parents were invited!! So, we dutifully got a motel minder and took off.

Now, the thing with the ball is that the kids have a great time getting ready; drinking at the pre-pre-ball drinks in their motel room (kids away from their parents); mingling at the pre-ball drinks…. and by the time they get to the actual ball all they are interested in is the after-ball function. Which this year took place at a farm close by and they were taken by coach at 12.30am and dropped back at 5am (security on the door, food provided, DJ ….).

So, not only didn’t we see much of DS but at the ball this woman chose to talk AT me for what seemed like hours all about how wonderful her kids were. Now, as a parent, I know what it’s like to be proud of ones offspring…. but there are limits………

Anyway, that’s the last ball for us…. phew! DD had hers last year.

Back to reality now…… and to another hot water problem (this time the pump had gone…. )

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3 thoughts on “You shall go to the ball, Cinders….

  1. Sounds like fun! At least for DS… Those are always good memories.

    So sorry you are still having such nasty little problems! My dog is currently causing me plenty of headaches in the ‘mess’ department.

  2. I’m still amazed you’re allowed to go to the balls! Perhaps it’s a NZ thing?

    Eeek on the Proud Parent Person (sounds like she’d had one too many to me… drinks that is, not kids…)

    ((Hugs)) on the continuing hot water problems. What a pain.

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