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Here’s the deal. Sometime last year I was coerced into starting a blog, by she who shall remain nameless. I totally couldn’t see the point. For a start, I have enough trouble getting my butt in the chair to do my proper writing, so I was hardly going to spend time blogging. Not only that, what on earth would I blog about? Although motel life can produce some amusing anecdotes, there’s only so many times you can post about bare butts, towels that slip, and the famous people who stay.

What I failed to realise – so sue me, I’m not that quick on the update – is that blogging isn’t just blogging. Blogging is soooooo much more. It means making visits across the globe from one blog to another – following the links, leaving a comment trail, making new buddies…… it’s the total experience (and we won’t mention time-consuming because I’m dealing with that already, as you know if you read the previous post).

So, come on. What does blogging mean to you???

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called Blog

  1. Great post! And it was great to meet you via our blogs 🙂

    A member of my local RWA chapter did an online class on blogging for our members (great) and she STRONGLY feels that writers shouldn’t blog about writing, saying what’s the point, you’re only connecting with other writers, not potential readers…

    But I know how valuable a network of writer-friends can be — both professionally and emotionally. Yes, I’d love if some day “fans” read my blog. For now, I just find it fun and a cool way to meet new people!

  2. Well I started with blogging with the normal goals of World Domination etc, but as you can probably tell, all my good intentions have fallen by the wayside and now I just blog about whatever takes my fancy. Which normally involves the word: television!

  3. Since I live in the most isolated city in the world, blogging helps me feel connected to other like minded people. Now, if only I could find my brave gene to actually post on other people’s blogs!

  4. Hi Sara:
    I agree . . . there’s this thread across the globe for me, and I pop in to cyber-friends’ blogs and get a glimpse into what they’re working on etc.

    Maureen . . . I understand the idea about not blogging about writing, but for me, my writing blog gets into a lot of philosophy or life issues . . . even issues of balancing working from home (albeit as a writer) with raising a family. I find I have a lot of lurkers who email me . . . or pop into the blog, and as long as most of the time I “universalize” the writing experience, I think they relate, even if they’re not writers. Like today’s entry is about books of childhood–and we all have those. I think you blog to find those common threads with people.


  5. For me, blogging is a way to break out of my shy-shell and actually voice my opinion, ask a question, or leave a comment. I wouldn’t say I actually have blogging pals yet, but I’m hoping one day…

    I think it’s great fun to get little snapshots of people’s lives, and I love how the blog bouncing, blog-trail (whatever) all works. You never know where you’ll end up.

  6. THERAPY! Not, like, in a spill-your-guts way, necessarily, but it always helps me get into a better mood. I get to connect with people, it makes me try to look at things in a bigger, funnier way … it’s good.

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