The Joys of Parenthood…

Remember that saying ‘little children, little problems; big children, big problems’? Well, it’s right.

Last night my sixteen year old son (I was a child bride) went out with his friends. At 1.30 I hear him call ‘Mum, I’m back’. Great. So I could properly go to sleep, rather than just doze.

At 2.45 there was a knock on our window – our balcony window to be precise. We shot out of bed, convinced someone was breaking in!! Dh rushes downstairs and grabs whatever it is he keeps hidden for moments like these (I hide under the covers). A few seconds later I hear him outside talking to someone. So, I get up and peep through a gap in the curtains. It was my son’s friend. He’d climbed onto the roof of our car and then lept over the rail onto our balcony. The reason: his car keys were in our house. So I let the boy into our bedroom where he proceeded to go downstairs, find his keys and leave!!!

And could I get back to sleep???? What do you think? Needless to say, today I’m knackered! Just wait til ds gets up!

I did feel a bit better, though, when I found out I’d won a prize, the prize, in Diana’s contest. Yay, me!!!!!!

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