WTG Amanda!

This is what dreams are made of……. my writing buddy and very good friend Amanda has made it to Publishers Marketplace:

Fiction: Women’s/Romance Amanda Ashby’s YOU HAD ME AT HALO, in the vein of All of Me, about a woman who dies with unresolved issues and comes back in the body of her geeky co-worker in order to sort them out, to Anne Bohner at NAL, in a nice deal, by Jenny Bent at Trident Media Group (NA).

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3 thoughts on “WTG Amanda!

  1. I cannot believe that woman blabs about your news and didn’t tell me her own news about getting on to PM – what is she like? Coming over to your blog now Amanda to tell you off!

  2. Oops! Wrong again! Just checked out Amanda’s blog and see she did post her own news – I just missed it! Is there any way of cancelling a comment once it’s been posted or shall I just hang my head in shame?

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