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One of my witchy friends told me that sometimes my obsession with the logical can be a tad annoying – though she may have revised her opinion after I helped her solve a problem the other day!!! And this logical streak means I cannot accept it when people tell me their characters do things of their own accord. That they (the writer) want to write something one way, when in fact the characters force them to write in another.

That cannot be, I want to shout. YOU are in charge. YOUR fingers are on the keyboard. If characters do things that surprise you, it’s really new, previously unconsidered, ideas coming to the fore. It’s all about being flexible with your thinking. I change direction all the time when I write. But that’s because ideas pop into my head. I also run through conversations in my head between characters. But it’s MY head and MY thoughts, I’m just playing through a scenario, to see if it works.

Now I’m proably going to alienate my best buddies, the witches, for this post. Because none of them share this view. So apologies in advance hahahaha. I also needed something to post – to test Christina who swears she won’t miss another of my posts!!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Write Way

  1. Seriously, I know it’s my head but I LOVE it when my characters take over, push me to one side and tell me what’s going to happen next in my wip. I can’t even count all the times little hints and clues spill into the writing that I had no idea were coming until they popped up on the screen, and then later – sometimes many chapters later – it all ties up and I’m like amazed!

    And hehehe look Sara. I”m here!

  2. I’m commenting partly to show you that I’m still checking your blog regularly even though I haven’t been in touch for ages, and partly to say I totally agree with you! I’ve never been able to understand writers who say their characters surprise them by doing or saying something unexpected.


  3. psssssssssst, I’m a control freak as well, who refuses to yield to bossy characters. After all, I have the ultimate control, I can just stop writing them and go to idea 245!

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